“Carter and de Souza do an outstanding job creating a vast array of colors and rhythmic patterns, while performing their solo lines with great dexterity and virtuosity.” The Clarinet

“… a virtuoso percussionist of the highest caliber, capable of interpreting works of utmost difficulty with care, respect and professionalism.”  – William Ortiz, Composer

“This is a fantastic collection of 11 solos that are rich with emotion and character…the solos explore various facets of the textural richness available on a vibraphone.  Movement V is an extraordinary example of idiomatic writing that juxtaposes long-ringing notes with dampened chords, movement II toggles continuous sixteenth notes between phrases of pedal down and pedal up, and the chordal writing in movement IV is simply beautiful.”  – Percussive Notes 

“I believe you are highly skilled players and have a deep understanding of the music. Your performance definitely moves the audience very much.”  – Tsuneya Tanabe, Composer

“De Souza performs brilliantly with technical virtuosity and dazzling energetic and rhythmic playing.”  – The Clarinetist

“Ricardo is a gifted and creative composer himself, and a skilled and resourceful performer.”  ­– Christian Asplund, Composer/Author

“Musical maturity, masterful technique, genuine passion and thoughtful choices.”  – Michael Lee, Composer/Musicologist

“Coelho de Souza explores the myriad of sounds and techniques available in playing caxixi and puts together a wonderful composition excellent for any percussionist’s repertoire…”  – Percussive Notes